Qualpay Introduces Comprehensive Program to Support Partners

Partner Program Expands Commitment to Partnerships by Giving Access to Tools and Solutions Needed for Success

SAN MATEO, Calif. – December 11, 2018 — Qualpay, a leading provider of integrated omnichannel payment solutions, today announced its expanded Partner Program that provides a suite of resources and support to help businesses achieve their goals. The program includes a smart business management tool, developer portal, ongoing training, knowledge center, and expert support, all designed to provide the support merchants and partners need to grow.

Qualpay has worked extensively with their various types of partners and understands that each has different needs. For that reason, the program is flexible and is compatible with any type of partner – whether you are an ISV, ISO, developer or referral partner. The program, including the partner dashboard, training and more, can all be modified to address specific needs. Qualpay created this program to provide the highest level of support and value to partners as possible.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the entire Qualpay organization from top to bottom," said Greg Berard, CEO of EMCPayments.com. "Their backend reporting tools are second to none and my clients consistently rave about the strong relationship they have with Qualpay as a partner. Clients are also extremely grateful to have access to so many of the tools that Qualpay provides that the rest of the industry lacks."

One of the tools offered to assist with operational support is the partner dashboard which can be used by any type of partner to manage their sales team and their portfolios of clients and merchants. The clear and easy-to-use interface offers application creation and management as well as a deep dive into accounts, transactions, and documentation, helping businesses glean insights and make informed decisions.

"We can verify that the new, updated technology used by Qualpay is resulting in significant savings to our energy dealers. Upgrades to our Energy Engine e-commerce platform were also required to accommodate Qualpay's new technology, but considering the high dollar value for fuel transactions, it was worth our investment for the resulting savings to our clients. Our commitment to our clients is to stay abreast of improvements in payment processing companies including their ability to deliver the latest technology, provide a quality customer experience and minimize our clients' processing costs. Qualpay has delivered on their promise," said John Vrabel, President, Energy Engine.

Key benefits include:

"Qualpay is the real deal." Said Sean Conklin, Founder Coded Commerce, LLC. "I advise clients to build a relationship with a quality credit card gateway that will have their back while at the same time offering fair rates and all the features, they need to grow their eCommerce business. This is especially important with custom eCommerce use cases, marketing automations and sales funnel optimizations."

Qualpay is also dedicated to ensuring their partners are equipped with the most advanced tools, so capabilities are frequently updated and added so developers can more easily integrate with different solutions.

Qualpay is also dedicated to ensuring their partners are equipped with the most advanced tools, so capabilities are frequently updated and added so developers can more easily integrate with different solutions.

Training sessions available include:

"We are committed to our partners and believe in creating tools that offer simplified support to drive the best business outcomes," said Craig Gass, CEO of Qualpay. "We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to deliver options and guide choices to help our partner offer the best payment solutions possible to their merchants. We work together with them – their success is our success."

For more information, please visit https://www.qualpay.com/partner.

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