Unparalleled support

We're with you every step of the way

Whether your application is consumer or enterprise software, or you need a simple e-commerce checkout, or you are building a marketplace for other vendors to sell products and services, we make integrating with Qualpay easy. integrating with us is simple thanks to our advanced technology.

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Our application process is easy. Our support team makes it even easier.

Our online application is flexible and supports all the different ways you may want to interact with your customer. Our goal is to give you the range of resources you require to respond to your particular business requirements.

You are also always updated with real-time email notifications about the status of your application from the time you first apply for our services to the moment your payment system is up and running.


Our unparalleled support actually starts even before you become our customer.

Our attention to your specific needs begins with a no-obligation custom interchange audit and cost comparison of your current processing statements. Through this audit and cost comparison, we can see if you are paying the lowest transaction rates for which you qualify based on such criteria as the payment types you process, the industry within which you work and the markets that you serve.


At Qualpay, customer support is everyone's job.

We provide you with the kind of concierge-like support that's designed to answer your questions and concerns as quickly and expeditiously as possible.

To that end, we have real people ready with real answers to help you. They're experts who truly know their stuff and are available Monday through Friday from 6 am to 4 pm Pacific Time to receive your calls (844 282 0888). Or send us an email - we promise to respond within three hours.

Meanwhile our Knowledge Base is an online source of information and details about payments processing that can be accessed for free at any time.


Once you are processing with Qualpay you can access our Knowledge Base, an online source of information and details about payments processing that can be accessed for free at any time. If you need more support is just a phone call, email or chat away. We are here to help you answer questions and help your business grow.


You have unlimited free access to our Merchant Knowledge Base, accessible through the Qualpay Manager.



You have unlimited free access to our growing and evolving Partner Knowledge Base, accessible through the Partner Portal.



You have unlimited free access to our robust library of resources for developers, including SDK and API documentation and code samples.


We provide live phone support 6am-4pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday: 844 282 0888.


If you have a session key, or know the name of the representative you're working with, you can click here to be connected directly.