Switching Payment Processing Providers

Have you outgrown your current payments provider?

If you are thinking of exploring new options for your payments processing but the idea of switching providers seems too daunting, trust us: changing providers is not as complicated as you might think. In fact it's quite simple. It takes just three steps, all of which happen simultaneously.



As you might guess from the name "Underwriting", some paperwork is required, but at Qualpay, we tried to create a process that is as quick and easy as possible

During the underwriting process, Qualpay may ask for a variety of information about your business, its practices, and its owners to complete our due diligence and stay in compliance with card brand rules and state and federal regulations.

Typical required information includes:

  • Business contact information
  • Business description
  • Owner/Officer information
  • Prior processing history
  • Deposit account information


The technical integration happens at the same time as the account review/underwriting, so things move pretty quickly.

At Qualpay we offer a variety of options to enable payments within the application you support or are building. Whether your application is a simple e-commerce checkout or you are building a marketplace for other vendors to sell their products and services, we have developed a modern integrated payments platform.

A - Begin by selecting an integration method. You can integrate with a modern REST API or choose from one of our SDKs. Or if your prefer, pick from our pre-built plugins.

B - Then sign up for a sandbox account. This will give you a feel on how the platform works, test a transaction and check out the different reports you can customize.

C - Finally sign up for a production account. Give it a test. If you are happy with the results, we'll set it up for you at no cost.



The migration from your existing provider to our platform begins with a meeting to discuss your current configuration setup.

We schedule an initial meeting as soon as you have submitted your application to Qualpay.

During this meeting we will review the following:

  • Software vendors you currently work with
  • Process to transfer tokens
  • Review how batches will work

Then we will agree upon an estimated migration time with you.

A final note: we are confident you will be happy at Qualpay, but if things should not work out, we will make exporting your data from Qualpay an easy process.

Outgrowing your payment processing provider is a natural part of business. Switching to a new payments processing provider may sound like a lengthy process, but with Qualpay by your side, doesn’t have to be complicated. And, switching providers can help you save on fees, receive your money faster, and serve your customers better.