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For those of you who do not know, every card a business accepts has a price of acceptance set by the card brands. This is called the interchange rate.

The interchange rate is determined by a collection of factors, including the card type, one's particular industry and qualifying criteria like the Address Verification Service, the Card Verification Code number and any and all applicable tax rates.

All this data is passed on during the payment process and an interchange rate is automatically set. What every business wants to happen during the payments process is for the interchange rate to be set at the target interchange. The target interchange is the lowest priced interchange rate required to allow a transaction to proceed.

Qualpay makes sure you always pay the target interchange rate

Qualpay's cutting-edge technology ensures you are utilizing the correct criteria to achieve the lowest interchange rate—the target interchange. That means properly setting up all the qualifying data necessary to meet the card brands' rules. It also means passing along the correct industry classifications. And should you need further help in qualifying for the lowest interchange rate, our support staff is always ready to assist you.

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