Qualpay Adds FuelMor to its Growing Partner List

FuelMor picks Qualpay for its integrated payment processing platform and unparalleled customer support.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – August 10, 2021 — Starting today, Qualpay is the exclusive payments processor for FuelMor, a propane software company located in Northern California, providing cost-effective technology to the propane industry.

Qualpay is a leading provider of integrated omnichannel payment solutions. Its unique, fully-integrated payments platform combines a merchant account with a payment gateway, making for a much more seamless, faster and affordable payment processing system.

"There were two major reasons we chose to team up with Qualpay," says Kelly Engel, President of FuelMor. "First, the way Qualpay simplifies the payments process. It's the easiest card processing system I have ever encountered. And second, the customer care Qualpay delivers is simply outstanding."

"We also know Qualpay has worked with many other companies in the Energy industry," said Mr. Engel. "So they understand the unique challenges that we in this industry face."

FuelMor's zero up-front cost, easy-to-use cloud-based technology provides gains in overall business efficiencies. Drivers accessing the FuelMor app appreciate the user-friendly and streamlined delivery process resulting in more on-time deliveries. Meanwhile, back-office staff can efficiently handle customer needs, dispatching and tank management. Additionally, FuelMor allows customers access to a 24/7 portal that lets them view their account status, make payments and request deliveries.

"We're confident we are a great match for FuelMor," says Craig Gass, CEO of Qualpay. "They are a cloud-based company, which places them in the same advanced technology environment in which we operate. And they are a customer-focused company just like us. That's important because all the modern technology in the world can't replace the one thing all companies need to succeed—a never-ending focus on meeting their clients' needs."

About Qualpay

Qualpay is a fully-integrated payments platform that utilizes the most up to date technology to reduce costs and streamline back-office operations. Its comprehensive system addresses and resolves the payment challenges businesses face, ensuring a stronger, more robust infrastructure that allows companies to focus on growing their business. Qualpay's reporting intelligence and data analytics allow customers to quickly and efficiently manage their payment finances, saving them both time and money. Simply put, Qualpay provides a better way to manage payments. For more information, please visit www.qualpay.com.

About FuelMor

It all started with an actual propane delivery company, Shasta Gas Propane which was founded in 1997. Following years of frustration with difficult to use and expensive software management applications, Shasta Gas helped create an all-in-one software application to manage their business in 2020. They called it FuelMor. FuelMor has proved to be an invaluable tool for Shasta Gas during the COVID epidemic, as lockdowns have made it difficult for face-to-face business transactions. FuelMor allows Shasta Gas' operations to proceed even as people remain socially distant. Business is booming today in large part thanks to FuelMor. It's been—as they like to say in the propane business—a gas. And now FuelMor's technology is being made available to other propane marketers. To learn how you can put FuelMor to work for you, contact them at fuelmor.com.

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