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Qualpay reports are available on demand and via Qualpay Reporting API. Access a range of reports from transactions and deposits to chargeback data on-demand and integrate either with your own software or accounting platform.



Reporting data requests can be filtered by date and other variables to customize results.

Approved Transactions

View approved transactions along with the batch number, reflecting the Settled Transactions Lookup report available in Qualpay Manager.


View a summary of a group of transactions, reflecting the Batch report available in Qualpay Manager.


View money movements to a particular merchant account, including deposits, adjustments and billing entries . The information reflects the Deposit report available in Qualpay Manager.


View disputes including retrieval requests, first-time chargebacks, second-time chargebacks, pre-arbitrations and arbitrations. The information reflects the Dispute report available in Qualpay Manager.


Qualpay is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified Level 1 compliant Service Provider.


Sign up for an account to access the Qualpay Sandbox environment and retrieve your sandbox test keys in the Administration section. Integrate directly with the Reporting API or take advantage of one of our SDKs.


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Alternatively, sign up for our Partner Program, so you and your customers can take advantage of Qualpay's integrated payments and boarding process, designed to support all the different ways you onboard your customer.

Once you have received approval for your production account, log into Qualpay Manager and retrieve your production keys from the Administration section.

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