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Recurring Billing


Support setting your customers up for either recurring, installment or subscription payments. Create recurring payments by using a plan or a one-time off-plan detailing how much to bill a customer through the Qualpay Recurring Billing API. Then apply a plan to a customer stored in the Customer Vault to create a subscription. Customers can be stored directly in the Customer Vault via API or as part of a one-time payment transaction. On billing dates, we will automatically charge your customers and let you know the results of the transactions.

Plans work well when you sell the same or a few items at the same price to your customers. For example, take a fitness gym that sells two monthly memberships: a basic membership and a premium membership. In this scenario, the fitness gym will create two plans and subscribe customers to the plans. Plans support one-time fees, trial periods and prorated billing.

Alternatively, when you charge each of your customers a unique amount at differing frequencies, use a one-time off-plan to create a unique subscription for each of your customers. For example, a department store's layaway installment plan. Each customer will buy a unique basket of goods, and you'll need a unique subscription for each customer.



Create plans with a Trial Period, Setup Fee and Prorated Billing options and subscribe your customers to plans, easier than creating one subscription per customer. (We support that too!)

Customer Information Security

IStore your customer's payment information in the Qualpay Customer Vault for future transactions.

Account Updater Integration

Keep your customer's payment information up to date with Qualpay's integration to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards' Account Updater Service.

Pause and Resume Subscriptions

Use for vacation holds or out-of-stock situations.

Flexible Frequencies

Used our fixed frequencies to bill weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. You can customize the frequencies to fit your needs. For example, every other month.

Installment Billing

Decide how many times you would like to bill your customer. The subscription will terminate automatically when all scheduled installment payments have been completed.

Automatically Retries

If we receive a recoverable error, we will retry up to 3 times to complete the payment.


Cardholder data is securely stored with Qualpay. Qualpay is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified Level 1 compliant Service Provider.


Sign up for an account to access the Qualpay Sandbox environment and retrieve your sandbox test keys in the Administration section. Integrate directly with the Recurring Billing API or take advantage of one of our SDKs.


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