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Qualpay Invoicing provides a quick and easy way to create and send invoices to your customers. You can customize the appearance of your invoice by adding your logo. Your customers will receive an invoice via e-mail that includes a pay now button. When your customer clicks on the pay now button, they will be redirected to our secure hosted checkout page to complete their invoice payment.

Invoicing is integrated with our Customer Vault API. Customer information stored in the Customer Vault will be used for completing the recipient, or "Send to" portion of the invoice. All invoices will link to a Customer Vault record so you can quickly determine your customer's balances.

Our Invoicing API allows for the automation of creating and sending invoices and updating outstanding invoices. You can use our Webhooks API to receive automatic notifications of invoice activity.


Create invoices

You can request payment for your goods or services by creating and sending invoices to your customers.

Managing your invoices

Edit, resend, or cancel invoices, manually add non-card payments against outstanding balances.

Fully-hosted checkout page

When your customer clicks on the 'Pay Now' button on your invoice, your customer will be redirected to Qualpay's hosted checkout page to enter their sensitive payment so you don't have to handle it.

Back office support

Access Qualpay Manager, a web-based portal for follow-on or exception processing of invoices. You can download or print a PDF version of your invoice or perform full or partial refunds for invoice payments.

Customer Information Security

Customer payment information is securely stored and collected by Qualpay. Sensitive payment data subject to the PCI-DSS never touches your system. Qualpay is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified Level 1 compliant Service Provider.


Add your company logo to your invoice and Qualpay's hosted checkout page to maintain your own branding throughout the invoice and payment process.


Sign up for an account to access the Qualpay Sandbox environment and retrieve your sandbox test keys in the Administration section. Integrate directly with the Invoicing API or take advantage of one of our SDKs.


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Go Live

Contact your sales representative or apply now for your production account.

Alternatively, sign up for our Partner Program, so you and your customers can take advantage of Qualpay's integrated payments and boarding process, designed to support all the different ways you onboard your customer.

Once you have received approval for your production account, log into Qualpay Manager and retrieve your production keys from the Administration section.

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